Integration Manager

Our IB suite has led to a paradigm shift in which companies can for the first time begin thinking of multiple integrations across their organizations. Companies can have hundreds of integrations to manage, thus creating havoc within their respective IT departments. This is where our Integration Manager (IM) comes in. It was built to be an easy-to-use web interface that enables end clients to manage all integrations in one convenient place. The application can be incorporated with CA PPM or any other web based interface. The IM is fully integrated within the IB tool set that allows you to upload integrations from the IB3 directly into the IM for scheduling and execution.


• Web interface for seamless integration management.
• Allows scheduling and execution of integrations.
• The IM is a stand alone application that manages integrations remotely or on target systems
  (SAP, Service Desk, CA PPM…).
• No need to use windows or CA PPM schedulers.
• Integrations no longer need to reside on CA PPM servers.
• Access history reports from each completed integration.
• View integration statistics in real time.
• View logs in real time.


IM  - Integration Manager Product Brief

Rego Consulting is pleased to offer this CA PPM enhancement product by IT ROI.  For more information please call 888-813-0444 and we will have a service representitive assist you right away.