PPM Document Boss

IT-ROI Solutions is proud to introduce PPM Document Boss, a new easy-to-use SharePoint interface that directly embeds into CA PPM. The interface increases user productivity by adding efficiencies and streamlining the way your company uses CA PPM.  

PPM Document Boss takes control of the CA PPM Project Document Manager directly through SharePoint, thus taking advantage of SharePoint’s superior collaboration features without the need for additional CA PPM licenses. 

PPM Document Boss also eliminates the cumbersome process of importing and exporting documents via the traditional method and users will adopt the interface easily and be trained-up in a matter of hours. The interface also supports CA PPM - Risks, Issues and Change Requests.


• Supports CA PPM - Risks, Issues and Change Requests
• Drag & Drop capabilities
• Upload, download capabilities
• Full integration with Microsoft Office 365
• Full search collaboration SharePoint functionality
• Ability to map network drives to CA PPM Projects
• Utilize SharePoint as the document repository for Projects
• Fully integrated team and/or collaboration security from CA PPM to Sharepoint
• No need for additional CA PPM licenses to share documents throughout the enterprise


PPM Document Boss - Product Brief 

Rego Consulting is pleased to offer this CA PPM enhancement product by IT ROI.  For more information please call 888-813-0444 and we will have a service representitive assist you right away.