PPM Excel Interface

Achieve new levels of performance for your PPM and get to the finish line faster via IT-ROI and Microsoft Excel.

The PPM Excel Interface is accessible to customers as both a stand-alone product or can be combined as a plug-in for our IB3 clients. This tool dramatically boosts a company’s ability to managing multiple CA PPM projects with never before seen versatility and functionality for data integration via Microsoft Excel. The versatility of the PPM Excel Interface enables users to extract all data in CA PPM directly into an Excel document, thus allowing editing and re-submitting of all the data inclusive of edits back into CA PPM.

The PPM Excel Interface uses the IB3 to obtain data and send data to CA PPM. By integrating the IB3 directly into the PPM Excel Interface tool, customers are able to take advantage of 100% automated XOG functionality that the IB3 provides. With a simple click of a button in our new Excel action ribbon, an entire XOG operation is launched to obtain or send data to/from CA PPM.

Additional Features Include:

• Automatic data validation (avoid bad data load issues) for lookups, date fields, booleans, and numerics.

• Validation directly against lookups in CA PPM.

• Fast reliable updates.

• Fully auditable via staging tables, and logs.

• Built in reporting for data loads (automatically generate NSQL Portlets of data loads).

• Built in data validation, pin point data issues areas quickly.

• Completely configurable interface for CA PPM.

• No limit to what data can be loaded/retrieved via our PPM Excel Interface.



Our PPM Excel Interface provides out of the box functionality that can be used immediately to extract and edit data to and from CA PPM. However, clients who have a high degree of CA PPM customization requirements may have additional objects that need to be included.
For this, IT-ROI provides a method of creating a custom query in CA PPM that the PPM Excel Interface can use to obtain data. This custom query can extract the required data from CA PPM, including data from a custom object.

Out-of-the-box we include the following 27 interfaces:

• Projects

• Roles

• Costs Plans 

• Project Teams

• Ideas

• Users

• Issues

• Applications

• BenefitPlans

• Tasks

• Requirements

• Change Requests

• Assets

• Services

• Incidents

• Release Plans

• Programs

• Resources

• Risks

• Allocations Weekly

• Companies

• Locations

• Others

• Allocations Monthly

• Products

• Releases

• Skills




PPM Excel Interface - Product Brief  - Mass Update CA PPM Data in 3 Steps


Rego Consulting is pleased to offer this CA PPM enhancement product by IT ROI.  For more information please call 888-813-0444 and we will have a service representitive assist you right away.