Allocation Compliance Pie Chart Drilldown Enhancement - Oracle


This Allocation Compliance Drilldown Enhancement portlet is used in conjunction with the Allocation Compliance Pie Chart. Once the user selects a specific section of the chart, the Allocation Compliance Drilldown Enhancement will display a list of resources fulfilling that selection. The Allocation Compliance list portlet shows the Resource Name, the Resource Manager, Availability, Allocated Hours and Allocation % for the selection.
Note: The Allocation compliance pie chart is displayed first based on the filter selection i.e., Start Date, End Date and OBS. The pie chart is displayed as per the following three slices of the pie:
Under Allocated (Less than 80%)
Appropriately Allocated (Between 80-120%)
Over Allocated (Above 120%)
The slice of a pie can be clicked to display resource allocation compliance information in the Allocation Compliance List portlet, as described earlier.

Screenshot 1 shows the chart before a section being clicked. Screenshot 2 shows the expansion with the grid for the Appropriately Allocated section.

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