Modern UX Innovation - Webinar


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Two new tools to simplify your life.

Rego has two cutting-edge tools for the Modern UX.

Rego Channel Pack
Harness the power of the traditional Classic UI in the Modern UX. With the Rego Channel Pack, you can access your project-specific tabs from the Classic UI in the Modern UX—without having to leave the Modern UX. This makes pages that weren’t previously available to you easily accessible from one location. You can even do full administration work, all within the Modern UX.

Rego Roadmap Printer
If you’ve always wanted to print your PPM Roadmap and share it for all to see, now you can with Rego Roadmap Printer. This easy-to-use Google Chrome plugin generates a PDF for easy printing.

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Submission Date Oct 19, 2018 1:56 pm
Submitter Rego
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Supported Versions v15.4+
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