Jaspersoft Studio | Advanced – RegoU 2019


Course Description: Do you already have a basic understanding of Jaspersoft Studio development? This session will include advanced topics like duplicating and modifying an OOTB report, multiple datasets, subreports, charting, widgets integration, and crosstabs. The detailed agenda is as follows: Jaspersoft Advanced – Out-of-the-Box Customization (2 hours) • Discover how to use OOTB reports, OOTB domains, resource bundles, and security access grant schemas. Jaspersoft Advanced – Chart Development (2 hours) • Explore multiple advanced charting techniques and types using built-in charting components, including properties (colors, plot options, sizing, gauges, etc.), dual pie chart, time series, and heat map. Jaspersoft Advanced – Scriptlets (2 hours) • Understand the basics of Jaspersoft Studio scriptlet development, utilizing Java libraries in custom Java classes to perform complex tasks in a simple manner. Jaspersoft Advanced – Roundtable (1 hour) • Understand crystal capabilities missing in Jaspersoft Studio, including sharing examples, report bursting needs, automation needs, and working with internal BI groups.

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Submission Date Oct 8, 2019 3:50 pm
Submitter Rego
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Supported Versions v14.2+
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