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The Resource Vacation portlet allows a resource manager to view a resource’s current annual vacation allowance, as set by the resource manager, against the resource’s vacation calendar hours and actual posted timesheet hours. This portlet is useful for determining the amount of hours a resource has requested off and has remaining. This portlet also ensures the resource has accounted for all annual vacation allowance hours in the calendar and has posted time for all past calendar request hours.

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Submission Date Dec 27, 2019 6:49 pm
Submitter Rego
Content Type Portlet
Database Architecture Postgres
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Supported Versions v15.7+
Special Instructions 1. Create a new number type field on the resource object called Annual Vacation Allowance (rego_annual_vacation).
2. Create an Other Work project to capture resource vacation and set the ID to “Vacations”.
3. Create a resource record for every calendar in the system with the following fields:
a. First name = BaseCalendar
b. Last name = the name of the Calendar
c. Active = no
d. Time entry = no
e. Include in Datamart = yes
f. Date of Hire is prior to current year
g. Date of Termination = blank
h. Set calendar on the calendar tab to the name of the Calendar in the last name field
4. Resources must have Annual Vacation Allowance set.
5. Resource ID of Admin must be set to a Standard Calendar that has no holidays, in order to determine what days on the other calendars are holidays.
6. Requires the DAILYRESOURCEACTCURVE (ID: 2) to be setup to have at least a year’s worth of past data.
7. Requires the DAILYRESOURCEAVAILCURVE(ID: 1) to be setup to have at least a year’s worth of data.
Company Rego Consulting