Missing Time – JS Tdb


The Missing Time report is a transaction based Jaspersoft report that does not require the Load Jaspersoft Datawarehouse job to be run. The report will pull real-time data from the transaction tables in Clarity. This report can be run from either the Advanced Reporting or Reports and Jobs area within Clarity.

The Missing Time report displays resource available hours, timesheet hours entered, and timesheet hours missing by resource and time period. The report can be grouped by resource manager or OBS level. The report also has an option to calculate missing time based on timesheet status or resource availability. The charts include a summary of timesheets across the periods included in the report. The Timesheet Count Summary displays the number of timesheets that are completed, partially completed, or missing for the time periods. The Timesheet Hours Summary displays the number of hours grouped by resource availability, timesheets entered, timesheets missing, and overage.

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Submission Date Mar 13, 2020 12:59 pm
Submitter Rego
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Supported Versions v14.4+
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