Blueprint Migrator - Oracle/SQL/Postgres


Workflow process designed to migrate Blueprints from one environment to another. Can move multiple Blueprints at a time.

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Submission Date Mar 26, 2020 7:58 pm
Submitter Rego
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Supported Versions v15.7+
Special Instructions • The Blueprint migrator is contained with a GEL script
• It can be run using the Execute a Process job
• An administrator would complete the GEL parameters specifying connection parameters of the environment to pull the Blueprints from
• Blueprints will be pulled from the target environment to the environment that executes the GEL script.
• The targeted Blueprints will be referenced by their internal ID (ex: 5234001)
• Blueprints will be only be created. Existing Blueprints will not be updated
• All Blueprints will be created in a Draft mode and not flagged as the default Blueprint

Company Rego Consulting