Launching a Teams Chat


Launch a Team chat with your users directly from the Clarity PPM tool. This is a good way to collaborate with the team and users for any quick update or interaction.

This is a scheduled process in Clarity named Sync MS Team Launching Chat URL and will be scheduled to run for various frequency. When the process kick in it will be setting the Team link into the custom URL attribute of the Resource, which can be used to Launch Team chat from the tool.

Sync Process come with two parameters for the Support team, which they can use as per there environment configurations. These two Gel parameters for quick configuration are:

• launchMSTeamField: parameter for the Custom Resource Field to store Launch URL
• emailAddressField: parameter for field to pick mail address in SRM_RESOURCES table

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Submission Date Mar 16, 2023 11:56 am
Submitter Rego
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Supported Versions v15.x+
Special Instructions Custom field must be created in Resources to store the URL as per reference screenshot for link attribute.
For Syncing of the link with changes in resource profile data in the system, process must be scheduled to run in the PPM tool.
Step for Scheduling Process:
• Navigate to “Home/Personal/Reports and Jobs” in PPM tool from Classic menu.
• Click on the Jobs tab and search for the “Execute a Process” in the Job Type.
• Click open link for Execute a Process and set information:
o Job Name – Set name for the Job
o Process Id – Use binocular to search for “Sync MS Team Launching Chat URL” and set value.
o Scheduled – Set scheduling option for Syncing MS Team Chat URL.
? Start Date and Time
? Recurrence
o Notify – Set alert for failure and completion.
Company Rego Consulting