Allocation Compliance by Month Area Chart (JS Report)


Allocation Compliance Area Chart provides the resource manager a single place to view the Monthly Resource Allocation compliance for all resources in the form of an Area chart. Allocation Compliance is calculated based on the value of 'Availability to Allocation Hours %'

Allocation Compliance is 'Under Allocated (Less Than 80%)' WHEN
'Availability to Allocation Hours %’ is less than 80

Allocation Compliance is 'Appropriately Allocated (Between 80-120%)' WHEN
'Availability to Allocation Hours %' is between 80 and 120

Allocation Compliance is 'Over Allocated (Over 120%)' WHEN
'Availability to Allocation Hours %' is greater than 120

User can further narrow their search by Resource Is Active?, OBS Type, OBS Path and Month Start Date. User can use exact dates or relative dates for Month Start Date filter parameter.

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