Allocation Compliance by Month Pie Chart (JS Report)


Allocation Compliance Pie Chart provides the resource manager a single place to view the Monthly Resource Allocation compliance for all resources in the form of a Pie chart. A separate Pie chart is displayed for each month. Allocation Compliance is calculated based on the value of 'Availability to Allocation Hours %'.

Allocation Compliance is 'Under Allocated (Less Than 80%)' WHEN
'Availability to Allocation Hours %’ is less than 80.

Allocation Compliance is 'Appropriately Allocated (Between 80-120%)' WHEN
'Availability to Allocation Hours %' is between 80 and 120.

Allocation Compliance is 'Over Allocated (Over 120%)' WHEN
'Availability to Allocation Hours %' is greater than 120.

User can further narrow their search by Resource Is Active? , OBS Type, OBS Path and Month Start Date. User can use exact dates or relative dates for Month Start Date filter parameter.

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