Clarity Health - SQL Server


The Clarity Health portlet provides a quick glance into the health of key components and critical jobs in the Clarity environment.

The following metrics are monitored:

Process Engine
Heartbeat should refresh itself every 10 minutes. Process Engine is responsible for the triggering of processes.
Green 15 Minutes

Time Slices
Time Slices are required for accurate reporting. Best practice is for the Time Slicing job to run every minute. Please note there are some jobs that will cause the time slicing to delay so a momentary delay is normal.
Green 15 Minutes

Datamart Extraction
Green 48 hours

Datamart Rollup
Green 48 hours

Rate Matrix - Full
Best practice is to run a full rate matrix nightly
Green 48 hours

Rate Matrix - Incremental
Green 48 hours

Load Data Warehouse - Full Load
Green 48 hours

Load Data Warehouse - Incremental
Green 48 hours

Load Data Warehouse Access Rights
Green 48 hours

Download Details
Submission Date Feb 19, 2019 6:29 pm
Submitter Rego
Content Type Portlet
Database Architecture Microsoft SQL Server
Work Type
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Supported Versions v15.3+
Special Instructions Date and time shown in the portlet reflects database time zone. Modification may be required.
Company Rego Consulting